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Students bring in the new year with the American Flag Raising Ceremony.

Principal's Information

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  Name: Robert Kinghorn

  Phone Number: 801-402-2650

  Email: rkinghorn@dsdmail.net

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When given the choice between being right, or being kind, choose kind. R.J Palacio

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What's Happening at Wasatch Elementary

Welcome to a new school year!  The 2018-19 school year starts on Wednesday, August 22nd.  Please remember we are on an early out schedule for the first week of school.

soldier and kids

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Wasatch Elementary By The Numbers

1to1 student to technology devices for blended learning

Top 15% recognition compared to all Title One Schools in Utah during 2017-18

15,814 books in our school library

470 students currently enrolled and rising

1st in Davis School District for largest increase of At/Above Benchmark students in Reading Fluency for 2017-18