Principal Message

Chris Bertoldi

Dear Wasatch Community,

I am Chris Bertoldi and I am very excited to get to know and work with the community and staff of Wasatch Elementary.  This is my 20th year in education and I feel very fortunate to be the principal of Wasatch Elementary.  I am already starting to understand the pride that comes with being a part of a strong culture that is present at Wasatch Elementary.  When you spend time at Wasatch you will soon learn that we are all part of the Wasatch Team that makes “We Are Wasatch” our motto.  I encourage you to continue to be proactive in your child’s education and come into the school to have conversations with those who can help your child be successful, including me, my door is always open!

The following are a few thoughts of my philosophy of education:

I believe that school should be an enjoyable place and building relationships is the key to student success.  I believe in children as individuals and feel a strong obligation to search for and implement instructional methods to meet the needs of all children.  School has a big influence on every child’s self-esteem and we need to devote much time and effort to the development of high self-esteem by providing students with the opportunities for success each day no matter how small.  I am committed to providing the best education for all children.

School is so important in life that we must do as much as we can do to make school effective.  Students learn only when they are actively involved, and students who are positively and actively involved in class make more growth than those who are passive and/or disruptive.

We can help students be positively and actively involved by caring about them, not using meaningless labels, respecting them as individuals, providing them with appropriate engaging learning experiences, and finding alternatives for them when they have trouble succeeding.  To accomplish this, I try to provide quality, child centered teachers and instruction in every classroom, and involving all team members to provide interventions to help children succeed.

I believed that there is no effective discipline without love as a basis.  Love and understanding are more effective than negative discipline methods.  Students who leave my office after making a wrong decision will always leave feeling heard, understood, and respected.  My primary goal is to support and enhance learning, including social emotional learning.  I strive to be responsive to the needs of individual children, parents, teachers and staff to help children be successful.

Thank you for letting Wasatch Elementary educate your children!


Chris Bertoldi
Principal, Wasatch Elementary


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