School Discipline Plan

Every person deserves to be respected, to feel safe, and be free from danger. Learning is enhanced in a safe environment. The establishment of academic and behavioral expectations enhances learning. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in respectful and responsible ways. Federal law makes it illegal for school personnel or parents/guardians to share personal information regarding other children. Parents will only be given pertinent information of the actions of their child. The school will protect the confidentiality of all parties involved.


Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

A special emphasis will be placed on the teaching self-discipline, good citizenship and social skills,

Be Respectful

We respect ourselves by:

- Being honest
- Doing our best, striving for excellence
- Being safe
- Making wise choices
- Using good manners
- Taking responsibility for our actions

We respect others by:

- Treating others as you would like to be treated
- Being courteous and using kind words
- Listening when others are talking
- Standing up for others
- Respecting and obeying teachers and other school workers’ instructions
- Following the school rules
- Never bullying

Be Responsible

We are responsible by:

- Keeping personal spaces clean and returning items to their proper place
- Being responsible for our own possessions
- Picking up garbage on the ground or floor, even if we didn’t drop it
- Not taking the property of others
- Putting name on any clothing and/or items brought to school
- Treating the school building and grounds with pride
- Working when it is time to work
- Being on time to school
- Being in the right place at the right time
- Listening to instructions and directions

Be Safe

We are safe by:

- Following All indoor and outdoor school rules to ensure that every person is safe, feels safe, and not put into a dangerous situation.